Kitting & Assembly

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The Value-Add of Kitting & Assembly Services

Outsource the manufacture of kitting and assembling, and you streamline your internal operations for a more efficient process and significant cost savings. Our kitting and assembly capabilities include standard or custom components, instruction sheets and custom labeling designed to your exact specifications. Finished kits are available for both on-demand fulfillment and as in-house stock inventory.


The Benefits of Kitting

  • Finished kits are shipped from stock, reducing inventory and lead time
  • Internal work orders for picking, staging and coordinating kitting work are eliminated
  • Floor space is freed up, material handling is reduced and workflow is improved
  • Significant cost and inventory reductions are achieved

Kitting Specs

Our product specialists will ask you for several pieces of information in order to give you an accurate and optimal price for your kitting needs:

  • The overall number of items required in each kit
  • The type of items—for instance, fasteners and non-fasteners
  • The number of pieces of each type of item in each kit
  • The type of packaging for each item—for instance, plastic bags and boxes
  • The type of packaging used for the master pack
  • Any custom labeling required on either the individual or overall packaging
  • Your storage requirements
  • Lead times

Special Labeling for Kitting

We’ll work with you to define and deliver on the precise labeling needs for your kits. We have extensive experience in this domain and will ensure that all items contain special labeling, including item name, number and quantity, wherever necessary.

Outsourced Assembly

Sometimes, it makes more sense for your supply chain to procure an item that’s already been assembled. You purchase just one final part, rather than several components that you’d have to assemble yourself, using valuable space, time and resources.

Outsourcing assembly of select parts solves several problems.

  • It eliminates work orders for picking, staging and coordinating the various parts of assembly work.
  • It reduces your inventory because items ship from stock availability on the final assembly.
  • It eliminates bottlenecks.
  • It reduces your lead times.

All of these things lead to reduced inventory and cost savings in your manufacturing facility.

We provide the expertise and national and international partnerships to transition you to an external assembly process. We’ll assess factors that will impact your assembly—from basic specification and requirements to material costs and long-term reliability—to make your transition to external assembly a true value-add.

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