Zone Feed

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Zone Feed Inventory Management for Manufacturing Efficiency

For OEMs and assembly plants with multiple production lines or cells who may not be able to take advantage of a point of use program, zone feeding can be a great solution. We will treat each of the zones in your facility as a separate customer with specific needs. By doing this, we can give each user a customized solution that fits his or her production requirements.

Reduced Receiving Time

When we deliver a product, it will be consolidated, labeled and color-coded for its unique location within your facility. This will allow you to easily identify and receive product into your system.

Less Travel Time

With efficient zone distribution, workers spend less time traveling between receiving, central stores and your production line. They have the product they need close to their manufacturing environment.

Increased Productivity

Zone feeding can decrease the time it takes to build your products by reducing the likelihood of receiving and using incorrect components. Inventory is already quality checked for accuracy—and is close by and ready for use.

More Organized Traffic

With a thoughtful arrangement of zones, it’s possible to eliminate traffic jams and bottlenecks that normally occur when workers traveling in different directions cross paths. Our specialists can help assess your situation to best determine where zone feeds will improve operations.

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