In-Plant Store

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A Warehouse Management System That Provides Easier Access, Less Hassle

An in-plant store provides you with a continuous supply of on-site inventory so you don’t have to store and manage inventory yourself. We can establish an on-site location within your facility.

With an in-plant store, your inventory is owned and controlled by AFC until you need it. AFC will control stock levels and distribute to designated areas within your facility. You don’t own it until we deliver it.

In-plant stores create efficiency in your inventory in several key ways.

Near-Instant Access to Items

An in-plant store can hold an optimized level of product or materials at your location. It’s held securely and can be accessed much more quickly than if it were held off-site at a warehouse facility.

Higher Communication

With the in-plant store located on premises, communication is expedited and your inventory ownership window shrinks.

Increased Responsiveness

Working with your in-plant store, you can dynamically scale to demand and react quickly to changing conditions in your manufacturing process.

Lower Risk Profile

You eliminate the risk and hassle of building up a large number of line items, which results in inventory shrinkage and reduced waste.

Handing over responsibility for your inventory saves you time and money and speeds up your cycle times. We’ll help you get set up with the most effective, efficient and accurate in-house plant solution for your needs.

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