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3PL Inventory Management Systems for Integrated Operations

To compete in manufacturing, you must find innovative ways to improve processes and cut costs without sacrificing products. You need to get the right products to the right people at the right time—for the lowest possible price.

A great way to improve your supply chain is to have fewer suppliers. We can help you consolidate your vendor base by offering 3PL services to complement our programs. Our 3PL offering means you can work with AFC on a vast variety of components, taking you out of the inventory business and allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Of course, sourcing and managing 3PL providers creates new complexities. We can help you set up a 3PL system to add value and efficiency to your supply chain. Our logistics services go beyond simple management and serve to integrate all parts of your supply chain together: raw material provision, warehousing and transportation.

There are several primary benefits to enlisting 3PL support.

Reduced Vendor Base

By allowing AFC to handle unique components that you now procure from several sources, you can eliminate having to communicate to each of those suppliers and have AFC manage components from suppliers to your facility.

Better Routing Management

Routing management is one of the best ways to find efficiency in a manufacturing process. A 3PL provider will assess the optimal route for your shipments and suggest the best carriers based on delivery needs, cost and customer service.

Reduced Costs

With our 3PL service, cost savings come from reduced purchase order placement, reduced man-hours to manage orders in your ERP system and reduced shipping costs through consolidated shipments from a single source.

Let us help you deploy this service within your organization to take advantage of all of these benefits for a leaner, meaner supply chain.

Stricter Invoice Auditing

A 3PL logistics provider typically receives freight invoices and will audit them for accuracy and proper discounts before sending along to you, the manufacturer. This saves your accounting department valuable time.

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