AFC Custom Engineered Components

When you have a specific or demanding application for which standard fasteners will not do, an engineered solution is most precise and accurate. One of AFC’s product experts can help define the exact engineered solution for you, at the right cost.

If your needs call for something other than a fastener, we can help. AFC supplies wire forms, castings, injection-molded products, forgings, machine parts and other to-print components that you use for production. By tapping into our network of validated global supply partners, we drive costs out while maintaining quality and supply chain continuity.

These are the key aspects and considerations related to our custom engineered components:

Tailored Solutions to Meet Demands

Custom engineered components are all about precision tailoring. They are meticulously crafted to fit your needs, whether it's adjusting size, shape, material composition, tolerances, or performance characteristics, our components are engineered to meet the exact specifications of your product.

Precision Engineering

From detailed CAD modeling to advanced simulation and prototyping, we leave no room for error in the engineering of our components. AFC's rigorous quality approach ensures that every part meets the stringent standards set by clients.

Material Choice

We appreciate choice of material is crucial and metals, plastics, composites, and specialized alloys are just some of the options available. The selection depends on your application and desired performance, durability, and other relevant properties. By choosing the right material, we ensure the components deliver the best performance for their use and environments they are used in.

Manufacturing Processes

Custom engineered components undergo a variety of manufacturing processes, each tailored to the component's complexity and desired properties. From precision machining and injection molding to 3D printing and casting, we specify techniques to get the parts right.

Diverse Industry Applications

Our custom engineered components serve a wide range of industries. In aerospace, they play a critical role in meeting lightweight and high strength demands. In the medical field, they customize for specific devices to guarantee precision and reliability. Likewise, in automotive manufacturing, our custom components elevate performance, safety, and efficiency.

Prototyping Testing for Success

Before mass production, it’s common to create prototypes of custom components to test their functionality and suitability. This helps identify and address any issues before full-scale production.

AFC is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of parts design, delivering solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Get the best from your manufacturing with AFC custom engineered parts

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