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United to Serve Your Supply Chain Needs

AFC Industries is a growing organization dedicated to providing supply chain expertise, inventory management solutions, C-parts and technical service support to its customer partners.

With original headquarters near Cincinnati, Ohio, we grow organically and through the acquisition of like-minded, customer-driven organizations all over North America.

Just a Few of the Industries We Support

Our customers are original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and assembly plants across a diverse range of industries and company types.

  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Fluid-handling
  • Food equipment
  • Lighting
  • Medical
  • Transportation
  • Solar energy

Infographic showing AFC supply chain solutions

Inventory Expertise and Customized Solutions

Our vast resources allow us to support your supply chain needs in various strategic ways, with customized solutions that work for your specific inventory needs. We specialize in vendor-managed inventory (VMI) systems and solutions including point-of-use delivery, Kanban, just-in-time (JIT) delivery and on-site purchasing support.

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A Deep Specialization in Sourcing C-Parts

With product expertise in the distribution and inventory management of C-parts, we remove the pain of sourcing low-cost/high-SKU-count items that are typically a headache for OEMs to source, purchase, inspect, stock and manage. We eliminate that headache with trusted procurement so you can focus on your core manufacturing competencies.

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More Value for Your Money

Our goal is to make your supply chain more efficient and economical. Beyond our inventory management services and C-parts supply, we offer several value-added solutions such as kitting, assembly and custom packaging. We fully manage these products and services on your behalf, so you can check this item off your list.

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National Technical Resources for Your Local Projects

We deploy experts in value engineering, value analysis and other areas to help you assess your design and manufacturing processes, so you can eliminate inefficiencies and create higher-value products for less cost.

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Our Mission and Promise to You

AFC Industries’ mission is to make our customers, employees and shareholders more successful by providing exceptional quality, service and expertise in the products and services we provi

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